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How to make six pack abs | Six pack abs in 30 days

Who doesn’t like Six Pack Abs nowadays but what is difficult to make it, they know everything, but in today’s article on How to make six pack abs, we will tell you what you should do to make Six Pack Abs and what you should follow. And what should be left away from and in this article you will tell you that you should do a conciency workout for Six Pack Abs so that your Six Pack Abs can come quickly. So let’s start this article of today called How to make six pack abs.

how to make six pack abs

How to make six pack abs

What to eat to make Six pack abs.

First we know that for a six pack, workout is also important as you need to do. Let’s assume you have to make six pack abs. If you have 20% workout in it your diet is 80%.

So now you’ll understand how important a diet is for Six Pack Abs. We’ll talk about workout later before we know what diet you should take.

First we talk about what non-veg makes body then the answer is no, you can also make body by eating vegetarian food.

But in today’s article How to make six pack abs, we will also talk about non-vege in this How to make six pack abs.

In this list we will only tell you about more protein diet.

How to make six pack abs


So you can eat in non-vage.

Chicken breast – In the chicken breast you get several quantity of lean protein which means it contains many amounts of protein which helps build body muscles and helps to increase metabolism.

Egg – Egg contains several amounts of protein and vitamins that protect you from diseases and also reduce eye disease.

Salmon fish - Salmon fish contains many protein, vitamin B, potassium, stimulating your heart disease and helping you maintain your weight.

Meat – Meat means goat meat which contains many amounts of quantity i.e. chicken breasts, eggs or salmon fish more protein. Which will give you 143 calories in empty 100g.

six packs in 30 days


So now we talk about wedge i.e. vegetarian can eat in wedge.

Chick white - is a good source of white fiber. It strengthens your digestive system and if your digestive system is strong, you will also avoid many diseases.

Soybean – Soybean keeps your health good and it also works a risk of cancer and it also strengthens the bone with more protein and less obesity.

Chia Seeds – Chia Seeds mainten your weight and protects against Heart Problems and also strengthens the Hadio, this keeps your blood sugar control.

Lentils – Vitamin B is found inside the dal and there’s also a lot of protein which is good for your body.

Dried meves – Dried meves control your blood pressure and keep your body cholesterol mentain.

eat healthy live more

How to make six pack abs

What should not be eaten to make Six pack abs.

If you need six pack abs, you need to leave some of your mind favorite things like you should quit food of matada or bahar and you know that most of the meals are used in bahar food. Such as Pizza, Burger, Chaumin etc.

Some workouts to create Six pack abs.

Planks – Planks is a workout that is for your belly. In it you have to keep your whole body tight with your hands, understand it with the help of a photo.


2. Mountain Climber – Mountain Climber is a workout that is for your belly. In this you have to put your parrow forward on the support of your hands, also understand you with the help of a photo.

mountain climber

If you need to know more about workout, click this link


Ques1. How to get the 6 pack quickly?

Ans: If you need 6 packs abs, you need to wait at least 30 days for your 6 packs abs will start showing you before that but you have to keep you maintenance, i.e. you have to work for it every day.

Ques2. What should not eat to create a Six Pack?

Ans: To create a six packs abs, you need to leave junk food, trans fat, and spicy things. So that not eating pet bacteria in your body increases your risk of getting heart disease too.


This article six pack banane ke liye kya kya karen advise a doctor before trying all the statements. And if you’ve taken advice you have to wait at least 30 days.

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